Honours & Awards

Ideal Teacher Awards

The Teachers and Students of college have always been striving towards greater heights.The college from time to time has recognised their achievements by honouring them.

The college has been sponsoring an Ideal Teacher Award since many years to appreciate its teachers who put in their best for the all-round development of students.The project was launched at the hands of late Baba Amte in the year 2004. Some of the teachers who received this award include:-

  • Dr. T. S. Dhanorkar (Retired)
  • Shri. A. M. Kherdekar (Retired)
  • Shri. B. M. Chandore (Retired)
  • Shri. P. R. Gadge (Retired)
  • Dr. D. A. Joshi (Retired)
  • Shri. A. K. Kurhade
  • Shri. V. S. Joshi
  • Shri. S. S. Raut
  • Shri. S. S. Potdar
  • MRS. M. G. Pusdekar

Similarly in 2010-11 Shri. T. W. Talmale (Retired Head of section of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Sciences) was honoured for his contribution in the production of milk. In the same year Shri. M. V. Pusdekar, Head Agronomy section was honoured for getting more yields using less space and less expenditure by the use of IPNS.

The college has also been appreciating the efforts of the students by declaring “Ideal Student of Year”as per the norms prescribed by Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola. Accordingly, in 2011-12

Shri. Laxmansingh Pariharand Ku. Rohini Gadekar was given Ideal Student Award.

In 25th Convocation Ceremony of Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola. Shri. Rahul Rohanewho topped the university in B. Sc. (Agriculture) was awarded three Gold Medals, three Silver medals and an equal number of cash prizes.

In the same convocation four former students of the college were conferred with "Former Student Scientist Award"

In addition, the college has set aside special funds to grant scholarships to deserving students having the highest scores without "F grade" in any course.