It was in 1951 that late Padmshri Baba Amte laid the foundation of now world-famous “Anandwan.” moved by the plight of the neglected lepers this visionary made up his mind to devote his life to the welfare of this abandoned lot. He cleared a peace of barren land with his own hands and planted his dream there. As the years passed, his little dream grew from a small sapling into a gigantic tree.

Anand Niketan College of Agriculture is one important venture out of several projects started by Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Anandwan Warora to elevate social-economic states of tribal and farming communities. In the beginning (1965), this college was a part of Anand Niketan College of Arts, Commerce, and Science affiliated to Nagpur University. In 1969 the college acquired its separate entity and was affiliated to Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth Akola.

The college gives admission to students by centralized process of Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research, Pune (MCAER).  According to the rules, 70 % students takes admission from    Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola jurisdiction ( U quota) and 30 % students from other university (M quota). Currently, the college offers a four years B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture degree with eight semesters of academic programme. The college is governed by the rules and regulations as prescribed from time to time by Indian Council of Agriculture Research, New Delhi (ICAR), Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research Pune (MCAER) and Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola.

Over the years, the college has grown by leaps and bounds and has made rapid strides in the fields of Agriculture education, Research and Extension. It has earned the reputation of one of the topmost educational institutes of this region. Today it not only boasts of having produced several top-notchers of the university but also having initiated many innovative projects in the fields of Agricultural research and Training and guidance to the farmers.

The Institution divulges skills, understandings and personal attributes that make College students more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the community and the economy.


To impart agriculture education, conduct research and extension activities for enhancing productivity, optimization of profit, sustainability of agriculture and allied sectors, and improving farmer’s livelihood.


  • To provide quality education and develop skills among the students through hands-on training
  • To develop agricultural technology
  • To carry out need-based and applied research in agriculture
  • To transfer agricultural technology to the farmers of Vidarbha region in particular to generate specialists in agriculture
  • To disseminate agricultural technology to the farming community through TV, radio programs, publishing articles in newspapers and magazines, and conducting frontline demonstrations, farmers rallies, and workshops


  • To assist and guide the farmers in developing allied enterprises.
  • To provide agro advisory services
  • To develop the technology suited for agro-based small-scale industries in the rural areas
  • To provide technical advice and guidance to the entrepreneurs in the state and the country
  • To provide weather information to the farmers.
  • To initiate Post Graduate degree programs in agriculture.
  • To develop Hi-tech laboratories such as Tissue Culture, Bio-fertilizer, and Soil Testing Lab.
  • Infrastructure development.


It’s more than half-century now that Anand Niketan College of Agriculture, Anandwan, Warora has been producing top-notchers year after year in the university. Equipped with all modern amenities and facilities, the college has always been striving hard to provide the latest and scientific knowledge to learners. Our students have, time and again, amply proved that they are second to none! Founded with the blessings of Late Baba Amte, the college has beyond doubt carried forward his vision of serving to those who are forgotten by the society. The ‘Former’ has always been at the crux of all activities of the college. Be it its most modern laboratories, richly furnished library or digitally advanced class rooms, the college reflects a very carefully and scientifically blended approach of conventional wisdom and modern academic excellence.The college has produced a multiplicity of enlightened souls who have adorned many posts of highest importance in the country and abroad. The latest star in the galaxy of this college is Dr. Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Hyderabad based “Bharat Biotech International Ltd.” Who has given “Covaxin” to the world thereby saving millions and millions of precious lives afflicted by dreaded Corona virus.The college occupies a place of prominence in Academic, research and extension activities not only in the University but also in entire state and country. We shall continue to work hard for overall welfare of our learners in times to come! We have extensive plans to augment the facilities and resources of the college in the future. We are committed to start Post Graduate classes in as many subjects as we can in near future in this neglected region of Maharashtra so that the fruits of higher education are not unreachable to learners of this district! We seek unending cooperation and support from all in our endeavor!